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Manufacturer KAYASPORTS
Country of origin KOREA
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Kayagung (KTB)

Steeped in tradition and history of korean craftsman over th millenniums.

These traditional bows are individually handcraffed by one of Korea's finest bowyers, Mr, Kwak Yun-sik.

Each bow is a true masterpiece with his seal stamped on it. 

These The bow is specially designed to distinguish between the right and left hands. 

Features an new attractiive wrapped finish. 

This more tradition look will also help keep limbs from being scratched or dented.

- Bear Bow Type(no sight, no arrow rest, no cushion plunger)

- The nomal shooting distance : 145m

- The maximum shooting distance : 400m

- Field archery, recreation & hunting archery


Bow Length: 46", 48", 50", 52"

Draw Weight : 30 / 35/ 40 / 45/ 50 / 55 or 60#@78cm

String: Fast Flight

Distinguish between right and left. 

Carbon, fiber Glass and hard maple

Limb face covered with decorative wood cork

Product Information Notice

product material Carbon, fiber Glass and hard maple
color Wood cork cover.
size 46,48,50,52
maker kaya traditional bows
caution It takes two to three weeks to receive the traditional bow.
date of manufacture 2022
warranty 6 months.
A/S kaya@kayaarchery.com


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